An Underrated Perk of Being a Financial Planner

One thing no one talks about in my business is the enjoyment clients bring THEM. Yes, we’re paid to help our clients. Maybe I’ve been lucky, but one of the things I find most valuable about my work is the clients themselves.

Here are some examples of clients of mine:

  • The former CFO of a major Healthcare/Hospital Network
  • A Hollywood producer
  • A TV writer
  • A cardiac surgeon
  • The CEO of a charter airplane and flight training company (with his own book)
  • A franchise broker (has a book)
  • An auto dealer consultant (also, a book)
  • The president of the leading provider of Emotional Intelligence (multiple books)
  • A contractor who built Marc Anthony’s house
  • A currency trader
  • An immigration lawyer
  • Multiple bank and Wall Street executives
  • The owner of one of NY’s most famous restaurants (and children’s book author)
  • A leading occupational therapist in NYC

The list goes on and on. They are diverse, which makes it interesting for me. I love getting to know a little about each of their worlds. They also provide valuable resources for me. Believe me I tap into the car guy, and plane guy, the cardiac guy whenever I need them! I hope they sense the enthusiasm I have for not only helping them with money, but in learning about their little (or not so little) slice of the world. I think they do.




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